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We at Piiink know that growing a loyal base of repeat custom is critical to growing and maintaining a successful business.

How do you:

  1. Attract new custom,
  2. Build repeat custom through customer retention, increased purchase frequency, increased average spend
  3. Maintain and improve margins
  4. Control costs

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What can Piiink do for my business?

Introducing Piiink where we combine innovation with a spirit of thankfulness.

We put your business into the palm of every member’s hand via our app …and it doesn’t stop there. We have developed a loyalty program to help you maintain and grow your business.

Piiink’s continually growing member base and simple innovative loyalty program:

  • Improves customer retention
  • Provides opportunities to up-sell, value add and increase average spend
  • Increases customer frequency through the incentive to come more often
  • Enables you to maintain yield and increase margins
  • Provides a myriad of tools & support that improves your bottom line

Looking for new customers? You know they are out there!

The exciting news is that Piiink provides the platform for continuously generating new members in your area who are seeking out local businesses to support.

How does Piiink work?

  • Every time a member spends with your business they ‘bank’ savings with your business
  • These savings are called Piiink Cash
  • Piiink Cash = real dollar value
  • Members can accumulate and use saved Piiink Cash to offset future purchases.
  • It’s easy to set and adjust the savings amount

Piiink Cash that a member saves with you is spent with you next time – that’s repeat custom!

Once members have accumulated Piiink Cash this is your opportunity to upsell, value add or get them to try a new product.

Using accumulated Piiink Cash to upsell – that’s increased customer yield, improved margins and increased average spend!

We make it easy for our members to find you.  We list your business on our app.  They can search by name, category or location.  They can read what you offer, find out your opening hours and contact information.  We even give them directions.

Making it easy for members to find you – That’s new business!

How is Piiink different to other customer loyalty programs? 

Piiink stands out from the crowd and we help you do that too, because:

  • Customers become your members.

Now they are part of a club that provides exclusive club benefits and welcomes them into the Piiink community. Members are treated as special and valuable and this strengthens your relationship with your customers.

  • You no longer need savings, sales or vouchers!

Change your mindset and that of your customers from one-off benefits to a full-value proposition i.e. members will always be paying the full dollar value of your product offering, therefore your products maintain their high quality value perception in the member’s mind.

  • Members are incentivized to come back to your business to take advantage of savings held with your business.
  • Money saved with you is spent with you. Therefore, the money saved is already yours.
  • Members can regularly take advantage of savings and benefits – the more savings you offer, the more a member will return to your business to redeem them with you.
  • You can welcome redemptions and make the most of them! Turn your infrequent customers into frequent ones, take a small purchase to a greater spend or to have a member try a new product offering when members redeem savings with you. Have a redemption plan and see how redeeming benefits your business!
  • The savings cycle never ends, so members return again and again to keep spending with you.
  • Outstanding program benefits increases the frequency of participation and investment on the part of our members in your business.
  • You support local community organizations that are the heartbeat of local communities and in return you are supported by them for your contributions.

How does Piiink help me to help others?

We bring the community into the heart of your business and your business into the heart of the community.

It’s a circular economy that supports and grows your business

In Piiink, merchants, members and charities all help each other to thrive.

Now you can support the causes closest to your customer’s hearts

We provide you with the mechanism to support organizations equitably within the local community. Now you can contribute to the charitable groups that each one of your customers care most about. Wow…and it’s super easy to do!

Every member nominates a charity or club to support and when they shop with a partnering business, a small portion of their spend is donated to their chosen charitable group.

Our banking system makes sure that donations are process easily and without extra effort on your part.

While we look after the transactions, you get to spend time finding out more about what matters to your customers – ask them about their charity group, enjoy the moment and converse. This strengthens relationships with your customer base. How good is that!

Members actively seek to support businesses who support their cause – that’s customer loyalty!

How does Circular Economy grow my business?

Piiink drives a recurring cycle of giving and thankfulness whereby:

members give support to local businesses

who give loyalty to the members and support to charities and clubs

who give voluntarily to our communities and give support to our partnering businesses by generating more active members

who give support to local businesses…!

And…everyone is thankful.

It’s a cycle that strengthens the bond of repeat and loyal custom while fostering an attitude of gratitude.

Do I qualify?

Piiink partners with businesses across many categories. We offer businesses ‘breathing room’ from another business in the same niche. These businesses also get the ‘first right to re-sign’ with our program.  They will remain the only business in their niche in that area. That’s exclusivity.

This means that Quality Counts and we will explore partnerships with businesses that demonstrate their ability to provide quality and a willingness to make the most of what our platform offers.

Our partnership means we are there to support you in the adoption of our program. We show you ways you can easily promote membership while still being able to focus on the heart of your business, that is, to offer quality products, service and customer experiences.

Piiink is strengthened by the assurance of a quality offering. Our members can trust that a Piiink business will treat them right and special.

Our program will bring members back to spend again with you, we just need to know they will be treated well when they do!

Am I 5 stars?

Take the  5 Star Quality Check and see if your standards align with ours. We’d love to talk with you regarding partnership if they do, otherwise, use the check list as an opportunity to identify room for development and come back to us. We are all about growing businesses after all!

  • Are you motivated to grow your business?
  • Are you proud of the products/services you offer?
  • Are you committed to delivering quality service?
  • Is your customer’s experience important to you?
  • Do you value your customers and the community you live in?

5 Stars? We’d love to chat with you and check for area availability.

Am I protected?

Underlying the Piiink app is advanced banking software.  Our IT partners provide technology for major corporations such as Citibank, KPMG, and Unilever.  The software takes all the hard work out of managing the background transactions and is safe and secure.