Frequently Asked


Frequently Asked


Because our software is a banking system it is easy to audit.  Awareness of our contributions are found on our website and in social media
Join the community and see the good!

Fabulous! Jump on our website and click the ‘More info’ links to access a heap more information. Otherwise, get connected with us on social media and fire-away OR ask one of our friendly quality merchant partners. We embrace you getting more connected with your community, so ask, contribute and be a part of the good!

You have 24/7 access to all your transaction history once you are registered and your pin set. Thank you for supporting your community!

It takes 48 hours for your Piiink Cash to become available for you to spend.

Absolutely! See the ‘Recommend a merchant’ feature on your Profile page in-app and follow the prompts. Tell us and tell them to get your favourite merchants on board and enjoy the benefits!

You save Piiink Cash every purchase transaction. One Piiink Cash equals one dollar. It’s easy to Get Set then GO! Simply register your details in-app and set your pin. Then you can spend your Piiink Cash!

Yes! Simply tap and select from the list in-app. Only one charity is supported at a time.

You can recommend a charity to be approved by us! If this charity partners with Piiink then they will be listed in the app.

You can only support one charity at a time. It’s easy to tap and select!

You can get a Piiink membership from any of our partnering merchants or charities listed in the app and on our website.