Become an approved

Become an approved


You’re invited!

We are inviting charity organisations to apply to become a community partner with Piiink.

Community organisations are a cornerstone in Piiink’s app-based Community Lifestyle program where Piiink members enjoy exclusive benefits when shopping with our business partners.

Read on to find out more!

Getting Started

We are a club, so it starts with membership 

  • Memberships can only be issued by our merchants, Piiink or our community partners.

You can issue memberships to your supporters and when members spend with any of our business partners, a small portion of their spend is allocated to the Membership Issuer.

  • Your charity supporters can register their details in our app.

Once members register in our app, they can then select your charity listed in the app so you receive an additional portion of purchase transactions as a donation.

  • If your supporters do not choose a community partner to support, the donation portion of their spend is split between our charities.
  • Piiink provides support and opportunities to raise awareness of the special contributions your charity makes to the community.

Would you like your charity to be the beneficiary of Membership Issuer benefits, donations and ongoing opportunities to raise your profile in the community?

How can my charity support Piiink businesses?

Often charities need to ask for support from the community to fund the work they do.  Piiink provides an opportunity for you to ‘pay it forward’.

  • Promote Piiink memberships to your supporters which attract exclusive offers with our business partners.
  • Offer local businesses a growing membership base who seek out Piiink businesses to support.
  • Members can ‘pay it forward’ by choosing to support our business partners.

Our business partners are rewarded by the custom Piiink members bring and by being part of a community whereby their quality offering and regular donations are appreciated.

You are rewarded by the additional revenue streams from donations and Membership Issuer benefits.

Ultimately, the entire community benefits

To maximise these benefits, you can engage with your membership base to download our app, activate and register their Piiink membership and support Piiink businesses.

Does my charity qualify?

Do you think your charity could benefit from Piiink?

Does your charity?

  • want more funding opportunities
  • engage with their supporters and members
  • want to expand their community reach
  • support the wider community
  • want to partner with more community members

If so, then please Contact Us and a friendly team member can assist you with further enquiries.

How secure are the transactions?

And, for your peace of mind…

The Piiink platform is built utilising advanced program software and our IT partners provide technology for major corporations such as Citibank, KPMG, Unilever and many more.